“Boelen’s Python” It has iridescent scales, unbelievable pet for any reptile lover

The Boelen’s python is a snake native to New Guinea that’s famend as a good looking and distinctive reptile.

Well-known for his or her iridescent scales, Boelen’s pythons made a unbelievable pet for any reptile lover.

Nonetheless, these snakes are pretty difficult, and may solely be taken on by moderately skilled snake homeowners.

This text will focus on the necessary details about Boelen’s pythons, and how you can hold your python protected, pleased, and cozy.

– Look and Conduct –

Boelen’s pythons are identified for his or her well-known black, iridescent scales. Nonetheless, these snakes change in coloration and sample as they age.

Younger pythons are purple, with bands of white. As they age, the purple regularly darkens to a glossy, iridescent black, with skinny yellowish bands across the physique and a yellowish stomach.

There is no such thing as a noticeable distinction in look between men and women.

– Dimension and Lifespan –

Boelen’s pythons develop to a mean size of eight toes.

Some snakes can develop as much as ten toes lengthy, and there are uncommon circumstances of fourteen toes lengthy Boelen’s pythons. These snakes even have vital girth.

A Boelen’s python is a long-term dedication, particularly if you happen to purchase a younger snake.

These snakes stay for round fifteen to twenty years and are long-term pets.

Ensure that you’re prepared to supply love and care to your pet for not less than twenty years.

– Meals and Water –

It’s best to change your Boelen’s python’s water bowl every day.

Boelen’s pythons eat mammals, rodents, and birds. Feed an grownup snake stay meals like rabbits, quails, and guinea pigs.

Child Boelen’s pythons will be fed mice and rats. Juveniles will be fed one prey merchandise each seven days.

Feed your python one prey merchandise each ten days. This may increasingly not look like loads, however keep in mind you’ll be feeding your snake a big meal.

Boelen’s pythons are grasping animals, and can fortunately eat extra if you happen to allow them to. This will result in an chubby, unhealthy snake.

– Housing Boelen’s Pythons –

Boelen’s pythons are giant snakes and wish loads of room.

Whereas they principally stick with the forest flooring of their pure habitat, they’re good climbers and wish slightly top of their enclosure.

Pure substrates, burrows, and different hiding locations are good decorations to your python enclosure. Make sure that your snake has loads of locations to relaxation and conceal.

Most snakes are masters of escape, and Boelen’s pythons aren’t any completely different.

A reptile terrarium ought to present all of the room your snake wants, and can shut securely to stop your curious reptile from escaping its enclosure.

– Lighting –

A Boelen’s python requires particular lighting. Full-spectrum UV lighting will hold your snake pleased and wholesome, with a correct day/evening schedule.

Setting your mild on a timer for twelve hours on and twelve hours off will assist your snake get into a correct photocycle rhythm.

Remember that rooms with a lot of synthetic and even pure mild will disrupt this rhythm.

– Breeding –

Your finest likelihood for efficiently breeding Boelen’s pythons is to mimic their pure breeding within the wild.

Decrease the enclosure temperature to round 60 °F for round three months, and regularly improve the humidity to 85%.

This imitates the winter months the snake would expertise within the wild, with colder climate and heavier rainfall.

After three months, regularly improve the temperature and reduce the humidity to regular ranges.

Add the male to the feminine’s enclosure. Depart the 2 snakes collectively for per week, watching them for indicators of aggression.

After per week, take away the male, feed each snakes, and reintroduce the male 48 hours after feeding.

If breeding has been profitable, the feminine will cease consuming and you’ll discover a bulge in her stomach. Take away the male.

As soon as the feminine has laid eggs, take away the eggs. She received’t look after them anymore.

Put the eggs in an incubator, at round 88 °F, with a humidity stage of 85-90%.

As soon as the eggs hatch, don’t home the infants collectively. You also needs to keep away from dealing with them proper now, as they’re younger and fragile.

Breeding success could rely by yourself expertise, in addition to the person personalities and expertise of your pythons.


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